Join our veal-revolution today!

Are you interested in innovative and delicious veal-based products to sell to your customers or serve to your guests?

As certified butchers and long-standing professionals in veal, we at VealCreations understand you – and we understand meat. Like you, we love honest quality veal and how veal and crumb coating match perfectly.
So, to offer you and your customers something special, we’ve combined:

Italian taste and gastronomy
Dutch premium quality veal
Special crumb processing and technique

And we now proudly present:

An innovative range of high-end, convenient and crunchy veal-delicacies to delight your customers and grow your business

VealCreations ticks off all the important boxes of today’s consumer:
  • Tasty: tender on the inside, crunchy on the outside, all-round delicious
  • Convenient: quick & easy preparation in oven, airfryer, toaster or grill
  • Versatile: as complete meal, meal-component, fingerfood and snack
  • Kid-friendly: easy and tasty combo of greens, carbohydrates & protein
  • Transparent: traceable from farm to fork
  • Healthier: low-calory (<200 kcal/100g), low-fat, low-salt

How YOU will benefit from VealCreations:
  • Attractive innovative veal product range -> complements your offer
  • Right on consumer trends -> easy selling
  • No handling, just selling -> no costs
  • Premium priced -> high turnover potential
  • High margin -> very profitable
  • Frozen -> flexible regarding stock and demand