Our Concept

All our products are delicious, nutricious and convenient. They are meant to help today’s consumer re-discover and enjoy prime crumb-coated veal. Below you will find the characteristics of our products as well as descriptions of our current assortment.

Product Characteristics


Fully-cooked, simply reheat quickly in oven, Airfyer or grill and enjoy!


Top quality Dutch veal, crunchy coating and Italian gourmet recipes.


As meal-component, fingerfood or snack.


Low-calory, low-fat, low-salt – yet high on taste.


Natural ingredients, no water added, Halal.


Traceable from farm to fork


Always on stock, simply use on-demand.


Product Descriptions

  • The beloved Italian classic – extra crispy
  • Top quality 100% Dutch veal
  • The taste of Italy on your plate

  • Innovative two-bites-sized harty chips
  • Tender veal in crunchy coating
  • Flavoured with Celtic Sea Salt
  • A surprising meal component when paired with vegetables or salad. Also ideal as fingerfood!
  • To be enjoyed hot or cold
  • Nominated for the SIAL Innovation Award 2016

  • Tasty combo of veal & vegetables in crispy crust
  • Extra healthy due to whole-wheat crumb coating
  • All-in-one combination of greens, carbs and protein
  • Flavoured with original Grana Padano