Our Core Values

We Promote Taste

Tender Veal and crunchy coating, paired with Italian gourmet tradition – how can you not love our tasty and delicious products? We are on a mission to spread our love for veal.

We Pursue Quality

Only supreme-quality 100% Dutch veal, the worlds best crumb coating and top ingredients like Celtic Sea Salt and original Grana Padano go into our products – for your enjoyment.

We Create Convenience

Our tasty products are fully cooked and then frozen – for convenient stocking. As needed, you can quickly and easily reheat them in oven, Airfryer or grill to enjoy within minutes.

We Practice Transparancy

Our veal-friendly meat is traceable from farm to fork. We do not water-inject nor tumble our meat and use only natural ingredients.

Our Team

Paulus Nieuwenhuis

Down-to-earth Dutchman, trained butcher, experienced entrepreneur, passionate about quality veal.

Enzo Sisto

Tradition-respecting Italian, trained butcher, well-travelled cosmopolitan, passionate about gourmet food.

Our Timeline

  • Spring 2014:

    Food visionairies Paulus Nieuwenhuis and Enzo Sisto meet at the Cuore Italia pop-up store in Amsterdam. This starts off a long series of talks about the future of meat consumption and the development of tastes and trends.

  • Fall 2015:

    Out of their love for veal, Paulus and Enzo set out to combine Italian taste and gastronomy, Dutch quality veal and a special crumbing process to develop innovative consumer products.

  • Early 2016:

    The first three products are realized: Veal Escalope alla Milanese, Veal-Vegetable Burger and Veal Chips. Brand registry worldwide is initiated. A stand at SIAL 2016 is secured and the Veal Chips win a SIAL Innovation Nomination.

  • Fall 2016:

    The VealCreations concept is introduced at SIAL. Production starts for Benelux. More products are being developed for introduction in 2017.